Privacy Policy


RST does not sell, rent, or give away user information except in cases where you specifically request it.

Any data that we collect from you is used strictly for internal purposes.  

NO credit card information is kept on file.

Some RST members may request information directly from you, or link to sites that do so.  We do not endorse or have control over content or policies of members or third party web sites they may provide.




RST is not a real estate company and does not control rental, sell or trade transactions.

Members communicate directly with each other and complete the transaction on their own.  RST does not represent, or act, for either the buyer or the seller, nor do we act as an intermediary between the prospective parties to a transaction.

RST has no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the property posted. 

RST does not represent the truthfulness or accuracy of the postings, the ability of sellers to rent, sell or trade the interval, unit, property or the ability of buyers to complete the purchase.

RST is not legally responsible for any problems that arise between the two parties. We encourage you to take precautions to ensure your transactions are safe.  If you are renting, selling, trading or purchasing a property interest, we advise you to use a licensed professional and to verify the owner has the right to rent, sell or trade the property.


Warning: Do not send any money, cashiers checks or money orders directly to individuals.  We encourage you to use a licensed professional or escrow company to complete your transaction.


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